The Artist Village will support emerging and seasoned artists by offering time and space for creativity and opportunities to grow and change. We will highlight the existential power of Art, the visual and performing arts, the applied arts, and the healing arts to reawaken the indigenous mind. The intent is to give birth to thoughts of liberation and the role of the artist in ushering in a “new earth”. To achieve these outcomes we believe it is necessary to tap the innate but slumbering power of the “indigenous mind”. To liberate ourselves requires being “born again” not in a religious sense but in a shift from the dominant cultural paradigms that are slowly being dismantled. The Artist Village will be anchored by a Manual and Digital Print Facility.

Art Gallery

NGVP defines Art as a human activity or occupation performed with mindful-imagination, beauty, and social and environmental responsibility. The existential power of Art – visual and performing arts, applied arts, and healing arts – liberates the indigenous mind, giving birth to freedom through immersion in ritual and ceremony, deliberative dialogue, the awe-inspiring power of nature, and the creation of Art.

Nu South Artist Workshops Begin This Spring
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